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Employee Benefits

  A. Statutory Employee Benefits:

         (1) The Company applies for labor insurance, national health insurance and appropriates pension fund monthly for each employees according to the laws.

         (2) The Company provides various types of leaves, such that employees having the need to apply for leaves are able to arrange time according to personal needs properly.

         (3) The Company has established comprehensive Employee Welfare Committee, and members are selected through recommendations of each department. Committee meetings are convened periodically to organize various employee welfare measures of the Company.

                 ① Example: Organization of domestic and overseas travel tours, year-end dinner party and lottery events, birthday gifts, gift money during Chinese New Year, Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival
and Mid-Autumn Festival and children education allowance.

                 ② Issuance of gift money and consolation money for marriage, child birth, injury, hospitalization, funeral (including parents, spouse and children of employees) of employees.

B. Additional Non-statutory Employee Benefits:

         (1) The Company plans group comprehensive insurance for employees, including accident insurance, hospitalization medical insurance, accident medical insurance, and overseas travel safety insurance, etc.
The premiums are paid by the Company in full, thereby providing greater security to the work and living of employees.

         (2) Employee cafeteria provides free lunch, dinner (overtime) and night snacks.

         (3) Summer and winder uniforms are distributed to employees annually.

         (4) We value employees’ bodily health condition, and implement periodic employee health examination annually and arrange health seminars annually.

         (5) The Company sets up awards for employees with outstanding seniority (divided into 5, 10, 15, 20, 25...45 years of service), and award certificate and monetary reward are provided publicly and periodically.

         (6) The Company determines bonus and issuance amount according to the profit earning status, employee personal performance and goal achievement of the organization.

         (7) The Company provides employee stock option to employees.

         (8) The Company plans the whole-year professional, industrial safety, management and general training plan annually, and also organizes courses, in order to improve the knowledge, skills and attitude of employees, thereby assisting the Company and organization to achieve goals.

Kunshan Recruitment

Employee Benefits

         (1) Various Insurance compensations: The Company applies for the six types of insurances of endowment insurance, maternity insurance, occupational injury insurance, medical
insurance, unemployment insurance and housing provident fund according to the laws. in addition, the Company also applies for the personal accident insurance.

         (2) Meal provision: The Company provides free working meals and also provides non-working meal allowance.

         (3) Employee dormitory: The company provides comfortable staff dormitories, double rooms are equipped with independent bathrooms, and the dormitory area is equipped with recreational facilities such as basketball courts and activity rooms for the leisure use of employees, as well as a laundry room and an Internet room.

         (4) Union establishment: Kunshan Plant has established the company union in September 2005, in order to coordinate the harmonic relationship between labor and management, thereby promoting the win-win situation between the two parties of labor and management.

         (5) Union activities: Activities of fishing, expansion training, basketball, badminton ,contest activities.

         (6) Clubs: The Company has set up basketball club, badminton clubs, etc., in order to enrich the living of employees during their free time.

         (7) Leave benefits: Paid-leaves are provided to employees according to the national laws and regulations.

         (8) Job position benefits: The Company provides high-temperature position allowance according to the laws.

         (9) Other benefits: The Company periodically organizes activities of annual travel tour, festival gifts, health examination, Mid-Autumn/Chinese New Year dinner party, marriage gift money, injury/death consolation money, birthday party, birthday gift, etc. and also issues summer and winder uniforms.



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