LEATEC Profile

LEATEC Profile

Established in 1991, LEATEC Fine Ceramics Co., Ltd. is the Advanced professional manufacturer for chip alumina precision ceramic substrates in Taiwan. Customer Satisfaction, Collaboration for GrowthWith the core technology of precision ceramic flat board manufacturing process, professional technology and the spirit of service, LEATEC has been growing and thriving for many years, and has developed high voltage resistor substrates, variable resistor substrates, resistor network substrates, chip resistor substrates, and chip array substrates, and in recent years, we have developed and invested in the manufacturing of LED packaging substrates, Hybrid IC substrates, and automotive electronic substrates for sensors with the quality policy of “pursuing employee engagement and quality improvement for customer satisfaction and collaborative growth” to achieve continuous improvement and upgrade. For many years, local resistor manufacturers have been controlled by Japan in terms of the source and price of precision ceramic substrate materials, but the rise of LEATEC has opened up a new era for Taiwan's precision ceramic substrate industry.

Our Expectations

        With excellent quality, fast delivery and service, and competitive pricing, LEATEC is well regarded in the electronic components industry. With the earnest expectations from all walks of life and from ourselves, LEATEC is now actively developing new products with domestic and foreign customers, hoping to make more innovative and outstanding contributions in the global ceramic materials field and to set a good example for the ceramic materials industry in Taiwan.

Product Application

Optimistic about the development potential of green energy economy, LEATEC has not only marched into the application field of LED ceramic packaging substrate, but also actively entered the solar photovoltaic product market. In recent years, our production and sales of solar photovoltaic components such as connectors and junction boxes have been growing rapidly, adding a new growth driver to the development of key components for LEATEC's high efficiency outdoor lighting sources. We will continue to seize the opportunities of green energy development, hoping to make positive contributions to the development of green energy in Taiwan.

. Thick film, thin film chip resistor and chip array substrate

. LED Cooling Substrate

. LED Cooling Substrate and Insulation and Thermal Conductive Substrates for Automotive Modules

. RF module

Business Philosophy

● Global Market Perspective

● Core Capability Development

● Unique Value Proposition

● Sustainable Operation Achievement

Quality Policy

● Employee Engagement and Quality Improvement

● Customer Satisfaction and Collaborative Growth

Multiple ISO certificates
Environmental Safety Policy

In order to pursue sustainable operation and set a good example in the ceramic material industry in Taiwan, we not only fulfill our responsibility for environmental protection and provide a safe and secure working environment for all employees and stakeholders, but also actively prevent accidents and improve production processes and pollution prevention, with the pursuit of "zero disaster and zero accident" as our highest safety goal. We are committed to and implement the following policies and management principles:

● Comply with government environmental protection and occupational safety and health regulations.

● Provide a safe and healthy workplace and establish effective emergency response measures.

● Implement risk assessment and environmental considerations to strengthen contract management, risk control and pollution prevention.

● Continue by way of training, promotion, and communication to implement environmental education and raise awareness of safety and health.

● Conduct regular inspection, audit, and review to ensure continuous improvement and effective operation of the management system.

LEATEC History


. LEATEC Fine Ceramics (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. obtained IATF16949 certification.

. LEATEC Fine Ceramics Co., Ltd. obtained ISO45001 certification and CNS45001 inspection certificate.



LEATEC Fine Ceramics Co., Ltd. obtained the IATF16949 certification.



LEATEC Fine Ceramics Co., Ltd. obtained ISO14001 certification.



The Institute of Nuclear Energy Research of the Atomic Energy Council, Executive Yuan authorized the “Solid Oxide Fuel Cell - Cell Stack Technology”.



LEATEC Fine Ceramics (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. was certified as a "Jiangsu High and New Tech Enterprise" in 2014.



. The Institute of Nuclear Energy Research of the Atomic Energy Council, Executive Yuan authorized the “Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Ceramic Substrate Supported Unit Cell Manufacturing Technology”.

. Invested in the production of aluminum nitride (ALN) ceramic substrates.

. The investee LEATEC Applied Materials (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. was established, located in Kunshan High-Tech Industrial Development Zone.



. Invested in ECOCERA Optronics Co., LTD..

. LEATEC Fine Ceramics (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. was awarded the highest grade "Green" in the Kunshan City Industrial Enterprise Environmental Behavior Rating in 2010.

. LEATEC Fine Ceramics (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. was certified as a "Jiangsu High and New Tech Enterprise" in 2011.

. LEATEC Fine Ceramics Co., Ltd. was certified as an “operational headquarters” by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs.



LEATEC Fine Ceramics (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. obtained both “Kunshan City R&D Organization Certification” and “Suzhou City R&D Organization Certification”.



. Crossed over into the field solar photovoltaic products

. LEATEC Fine Ceramics Co., Ltd. obtained the "CG6004 General Corporate Governance System Certification" from the Taiwan Corporate Governance Association.



LEATEC Fine Ceramics Co., Ltd. obtained the ISO/TS 16949:2002 certification of the International Quality Certification System.



LEATEC Fine Ceramics (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. obtained ISO14001 certification of the International Environmental Quality Certification System.



Crossed over into the field of Automotive Electronics.



. Crossed over into the field of LED packaging substrate.




. LEATEC Fine Ceramics Co., Ltd. was listed on Taipei Exchange on January 10.

. The investee LEATEC Fine Ceramics (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. started mass production of alumina chip resistor substrates.

. The Xinwu Plant was established to produce LTCC structured substrates.

. The Mainland Kunshan Plant obtained ISO9001:2000 certification of the International Quality.



. Invested in CDIB High Tech Investment Corporation.



. The Company's stock was approved for listing and trading over Taipei Exchange.



. Invested in LEATEC Fine Ceramics (Kunshan) Co., Ltd..

. Invested in LEATEC FINE CERAMICS CO., LTD.(Samoa).


Mass Production

Started mass production of Laser machining substrates.



Invested in R&D of ZrO2 solid fuel electrolyte substrates.



. Started mass production of 96% alumina chip array substrate.

. Invested in R&D of ZrO2, microwave, porous and high K ceramic substrates.



. Invested in R&D of 96% alumina chip array substrate.

. Obtained ISO-9002 certification of the International Quality.



Expanded production and invested in R&D of 96% alumina chip resistor substrate.


Mass Production

Started mass production of 96% alumina ceramic substrates (resistor network substrates, thick film substrates, variable resistor substrates).



The Company was approved to be established on December 2.


Group Organizational Chart

Main business of each department

Department Main business
President’s Office 1. Medium and long term strategic planning of the Company.
2. Tracking and auditing the effectiveness of projects assigned by the Board of Directors.
3. Planning and tracking the effectiveness of the Company's management meetings and the execution and operation of legal affairs.
Audit Office Implementation, operation and maintenance of internal control systems.
R&D Department Leading the Company's product and technology development direction, process technology and product development related design, planning and target setting of manufacturing and testing, and coordinating the execution of research and development and the use of resources.
Engineering Department 1. Production process decision, process improvement, manufacturing problem analysis and suggestion.
2. Tracking and improving production line quality problems.
3. Execution of mold production improvement plan and establishment of technology.
4. Evaluation of mold design and development, mold test conditions, mold improvement and problem solving, mold acceptance.
5. Equipment development, test run, acceptance, troubleshooting and improvement.
Sales Department 1. Coordination, supervision and review of marketing and sales plans, and determination of the price of products.
2. Development of new customers and new markets, communication and coordination between customers and other departments of the Company.
3. Formulation and improvement of sales procedures and measures.
Financial Department 1. Execution and operation of funds management, financial accounting, cost accounting, tax accounting, and stock affairs operations.
2. Businesses related to investees.
3. Control and review of expense budget.
Administration Department 1. Appointment and dismissal, promotion, attendance, performance appraisal, retirement, insurance, education and training, and relations of employees.
2. Execution and operation of purchasing business of equipment, raw materials and supplies, and general affairs.
3. Execution, operation and maintenance of computer equipment, network connection, and electronic operating systems.
Manufacturing Department 1. Manpower allocation, equipment, cost estimation, production evaluation of new product introduction and production evaluation of annual production planning.
2. Production scheduling, production capacity follow-up, provision of related departmental production value and manpower analysis data.
3. Quality control and corrective and preventive measures planning.
4. Materials and finished goods warehouse management and finished goods shipment management and related operations.
5. Execution and operation of plant affairs and safety and health.
Quality Assurance Department Quality inspection, quality policy formulation, product quality improvement, and maintenance and operation of ISO/TS16949 quality system for all products.

Major eduction background and work experiences of leaders

Title Name Major eduction background and work experiences
President Ching-Chi Chen Graduate of Keelung High School of Commerce
Chairperson of JETEC Electronics Co., Ltd.
Chief Operating Officer Chuan-Ting Chen Graduate of Department of Materials Engineering, University of New Jersey
Industrial Safety Business Unit, Honeywell Taiwan Ltd.
Business Director, Greater China and Asia Pacific