Certification Information

ISO International Certification

For all industries of any scale, qualification of ISO certification is essential for organizations to demonstrate commitment in the pursuit of high quality and continuous improvement, thereby satisfy the demands and expectations of customers and stakeholders.

With outstanding and leading technologies, LEATEC has obtained U.S. and China patents, and have also qualified numerous international qualification certifications, including :ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949, ISO45001 and CNS45001, in order to provide high quality, price competitive, and comprehensive products to customers worldwide. Accordingly, LEATEC continues to maintain its leading position in the fields of chip resistor precision ceramic substrates, hybrid IC substrates and sensor substrates, automotive electronic substrates, etc. In addition, LEATEC’s outstanding technologies, functional characteristic and excellent quality of its products of 98% thin film substrates of highly fine surface, ultra-thin substrate of thickness of 75 ㎛ only and ZTA substrates of high toughness and flexibility, etc. have gained great trust and recognition from international major enterprises.