LEATEC Fine Ceramics Board Resolution on Convention of 2017 Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting Related Matters

Company Code: 6127 Company Name: LEATEC

Date of Announcement: 2017/05/16

1. Date of Board Resolution: 2017/04/21

2. Shareholders’ Meeting Date: 2017/06/16

3. Venue: No. 160, Sec. 1, Pingdong Rd., Pingzhen Dist., Taoyuan City (B1 Conference Room)

4. Reasons of Meeting Convention I. Report Items:

   (1) 2016 Business Report of the Company.

   (2) Supervisor’s Review Report on the 2016 Financial Statements.

   (3) Report on 2016 Endorsements and Guarantees Status of the Company.

   (4) Report on 2016 Loaning Funds to Others Status of the Company.

   (5) Report on investment status in China

5. Reasons of Meeting Convention II. Ratification Items:

   (1) Adoption of 2016 business report and financial statements of the Company.

   (2) Adoption of proposal for 2016 deficit compensation with retained earnings of the Company.

6. Reasons of Meeting Convention III. Discussion Items:

   (1) Discuss on the amendments to the “Procedures for Acquisition or Disposal of Assets” of the Company

   (2) Proposal of cash distribution with capital reserve of the Company

7. Reasons of Meeting Convention IV. Elections:

   (1) Proposal of supplementary election of independent directors of the Company

8. Reasons of Meeting Convention V. Other Proposals:

   (1) Cancellation of non-compete restriction for directors

9. Reasons of Meeting Convention VI. Extraordinary Motions: None

10. Account transfer suspension starting date: 2017/04/18

11. Last day of account transfer suspension: 2017/06/16

12. Other matters that need to be specified: None.