Announcement of List of Elected Independent Directors of Supplementary Election of 9th Term of Independent Directors During 2017 General Shareholders’ Meeting of the Company

Company Code: 6127 Company Name: LEATEC

Date of Announcement: 2017/06/16


I. It is handled in accordance with Article 192-1 and Article 216-1 of the Company Act and Subparagraph 22 of Paragraph 2 of Articl 3 of the Taipei Exchange Rules Governing Information Reporting by Companies with TPEx Listed Securities.

II. The independent director nominee list has been reviewed by the Board of Directors or other personnel having the right to convene the board meeting on April 21, 2017, and it is listed in the candidate roster of independent directors selected by the shareholders’ meeting of the Company on June 16, 2017.

        Accordingly, relevant information is announced as follows:

1. Change Occurrence Date: 2017/06/16

2. Election or change personnel (please indicate corporate director, corporate supervisor, independent director, natural person director or natural person supervisor): Independent director

3. Title, name and profile of previous board member: Not applicable

4. Title, name and profile of new board member: Independent director, Shan-Kuei Lai, Chairman of CSBC Corporation, Taiwan

5. Change status (please indicate “Resignation”, “Dismissal”, “Term of office maturity” or “New term of office”): New term of office

6. Reason of change:        New term of office

7. Number of shares held by new board member during assumption of position: 0

8. Original term of office (e.g., xx/xx/xx ~ xx/xx/xx): 2015/05/19~2018/05/18

9. New term of office effective date: 2017/06/16~2018/05/18

10. Director change ratio during the same term of office: 1/7

11. Independent director change ratio during the same term of office: 1/2

12. Supervisor change ratio during the same term of office: Not applicable

13. Change of more than one third of directors (please indicate Yes or No): No

14. Other matters that need to be specified: None