Announcement of Board Resolution of the Company on Distribution of Earnings

Company Code: 6127 Company Name: LEATEC

Date of Announcement: 2011/03/29

1. Date of Board Resolution: 2011/03/29 

2. Dividend Distribution Type and Amount: Shareholders’ cash dividends: NT$0.5 per share is distributed

3. Other matters that need to be specified: 

   (1) Employee cash bonus: NT$938,720.

   (2) Remuneration of directors and supervisors: NT$938,720.

   (3) After the proposal for dividend distribution is approved by the 2011 general shareholders’ meeting, the ex-dividend base date is to be further specified, and once the base date is determined, further announcement will be made.

   (4) For the aforementioned dividend distribution ratio, in case of subsequent repurchase of shares of the Company, transfer or cancellation of treasury shares, transferable corporate bond conversion or exercise of employee stock option, etc. such that the number of outstanding shares is affected, and change to distribution yield of shareholders occurs, the shareholders’ meeting is requested to authorize the Board of Directors to handle such matter with full authority.