Announcement of Board Resolution on Ex-Dividend Base Date of the Company

Company Code: 6127 Company Name: LEATEC

Date of Announcement: 2011/07/28

Event Occurrence Date: 2011/07/28

1. Resolution date of board of directors or shareholders’ meeting or decision date of the Company: 2011/07/28

2. Ex-right, ex-dividend type (please indicate “Ex-right”, “Ex-dividend” or “Ex-right and dividend”): Ex-dividend

3. Dividend distribution type and amount: Cash dividend

4. Ex-right (dividend) transaction date: 2011/08/25

5. Final account transfer date: 2011/08/26

6. Starting date of account transfer suspension: 2011/08/29

7. Last day of account transfer suspension: 2011/09/02

8. Ex-right (dividend) base date :2011/09/02

9. Other matters that need to be specified:

    (1) In case where the number of outstanding shares is affected due to the Company’s conversion of corporate bonds into shares such that change to the distribution yield for shareholders occurs, the Chairman of the board is authorized to make adjustment and announcement is made accordingly.

    (2) Conversion suspension period for the Company’s 3rd domestic issuance of unsecured convertible corporate bonds: 2011/08/05~2011/09/02

    (3) Cash dividend issuance date: 2011/10/07