Announcement of 2010 Distribution of Cash Dividends of the Company. TW

Company Code: 6127 Company Name: LEATEC

Date of Announcement: 2011/08/10

Announcement of LEATEC Fine Ceramics Co., Ltd. 2010 Distribution of Cash Dividends. TW

I. According to the resolution of the general shareholders’ meeting of the Company on June 28, 2011, cash dividends of NT$ 44,301,132 is to be issued, and cash amount of NT$ 0.52093517 per share is to be distrusted. The cash dividends are distributed to the integer dollar (value after the decimal place is truncated) according to the shareholders and their shareholding percentages recorded on the roster of shareholders as of the ex-dividend base date.

II. According to the resolution of the Board of Directors’ meeting of the Company on July 28, 2011, September 2, 2011 is set to be the ex-dividend base date.

III. For the case dividends, on October 7, 2011, the stock affairs agency of the Company, Registrar Agency Department of Capital Securities Corporation, is entrusted to make payment via remittance or mailing of “Endorsement and Transfer Restricted” check via registered mail. The postage or remittance handling charge will be deducted from the shareholders’ cash dividends.

IV. Announcement is hereby made for consideration.