Announcement of Board Resolution of the Company on Distribution of Dividends

Company Code: 6127 Company Name: LEATEC

Date of Announcement: 2008/03/11

1. Date of Board Resolution: 2008/03/11

2. Dividend Distribution Type and Amount:

(1) Distribution of Cash Dividends: NT$0.45 per share.

(2) Distribution of Stock Dividends: NT$0 per share.

3. Other matters that need to be specified:

(1) Proposal to distribute employee cash dividends of NT$759,141, and employee stock bonus of NT$0.

(2) Proposal to issue remuneration of directors and supervisors of NT$759,141.

(3)Proposal to distribute employee stock dividends of 0 shares, accounting for 0% of capital increase from retained earnings, and accounting for 0% of the total shares of capital increase transferred in the current year.

(4) Post-tax earnings per share (EPS) after proposed distribution of employee bonus and remuneration of directors and supervisors calculated is NT$0.49.

(5) After resolution of the general shareholders’ meeting, the board of directors is authorized to further specify the ex-dividend base date for the distribution.